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A Word From Our Pastor:

With so many problems in the world today, it's a wonder we aren't worse off than we are now. Addictions, emotional strongholds, physical limitations, financial instabilities and so much more are tearing apart the communities in which we live. All this turmoil brings about an insurmountable need for hope. We need the hope of something better; something greater than we can see with the naked eye.


Here at Freedom Found Ministries, we have that hope. We have that "something greater" that we all need and long for. Jesus says in John 8:32, "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." I pray that you will allow us to come alongside of you and show you what this "Freedom" that Jesus is referring to is all about. You do not have to walk in bondage and uncertainty any longer. Freedom has been Found!


Regardless of where you may be at in your spiritual journey, we invite you to come and worship with us and allow us to be a blessing and encouragement to you. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

May God richly bless you!

--Pastor Jeremy




Rev. Jeremy & Melissa DiBartolo and their children Lucas, Hailey, Emma and Sadie

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